See Thru - A New Perspective


I paint with my lens in this series through Impressionistic Photography, using special techniques.

My heart is drawn towards artwork that lets our hearts fill in the blanks. The great masters like Claude Monet continue to inspire me in this series of works.

Thru the Looking Glass, Winner of OCC. Jan. 2022 Glass Competition

Impressionism and a bit abstract

Through special creative lenses, unique perspectives, and extraordinary photography techniques, I can share my impressions of the world around us.

Silent Dance gives you a dance of color and light.

Silent Dance (2021)

Limited Shared Edition - LSE15

Due to the unique nature of Ariel's work, this series is limited to 15 prints, and then the image will be retired. Certificates of Authenticity will be provided with all prints and framed prints purchased thru our store.

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