Water Dancing Lilies

Purity of Heart (2021)

Water lilies and lotus flowers rise from murky waters. This is inspiring and uplifting to see such beauty rise from the dark and gloomy soils of the earth.

This series is to share the inspiring and uplifting Water lilies and lotus flowers that rise from murky waters. When we see such beauty rise from the earth's dark and gloomy soils, we are reminded we too can grow. – Ariel

Sweet Purity (2021)

Mother of Potential (2021)

Royal Lily (2021)

I see you! (2021)

Royal Modesty (2021)

Limited Shared Edition - LSE25

Due to the unique nature of Ariel's work, this series is limited to 25 prints, and then the image will be retired. Certificates of Authenticity will be provided with all prints and framed prints purchased thru our store.

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Some images in this series are no longer available.